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Weatherby Lake Garden Club Membership

Our Garden Club mission is to encourage interest in gardening that works in our area, promote natural horticultural practices, community beauty, and the conservation of natural resources. Our membership  maintains various areas by planting and weeding, including the eight entrances of Weatherby Lake. Membership also has it's perks with special events and local business discounts.

Top 10 Reasons to Join Garden Club
  • Learn how to compost

  • Learn how to attract songbirds & butterflies to your garden

  • Learn how to avoid & get rid of pests from your garden

  • Learn how to use native plants in your garden

  • Learn how to keep a healthy lawn

  • Share gardening tips

  • Share gardening resources

  • Share plants with other gardeners

  • Get inspired by other Member's gardens

  • Enjoy the company of some pretty nice people!

How much are Annual Dues?

$25 for Individuals

$35 for Family

Our season runs March through February

Membership Extras

We have discounts at some of our favorite local businesses!

1 mile west of Weatherby Lake

11500 NW Barry Road


Olathe Location

425 N. Rawhide

Olathe, KS 66061

Shakelford Botanical Designs

6521 N. Cosby Avenue



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