We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month, excluding November. Socialize with fellow members starting at 6:15 and learn something new when our program begins at 6:40. Meeting locations are announced each month.

Garden Club Events

Tuesday, June 14, 2022
4 Home Garden Tours


Tour begins at Scott & Kim Wedmans'

at 6pm with 3 additional Homes

RSVP, by June 7th, is necessary for appetizers and desserts that will be served along with water, punch and libations.  Garden Club Guest will be charged an additional $10 to offset increased food & beverage costs.

The first home tour begins at 6:00 pm at Scott & Kim Wedman’s home at 7912 Scenic Dr. Their home features a water garden in a formal garden setting on the lake. Parking at the Park right near their home. Please seek parking on the street as well and not in the vacant lot across from their home.

The second tour will take place at GianLuca & Julie Rossi’s home at 7811 Scenic Dr where you will witness Julie’s progress in growing citrus trees, a combo garden of flowers, veggies and raised beds along with a waterfall. Her dream is to have a greenhouse and info will be shared about what she plans to grow.

Our third tour will take place at the home of Bill & Patti Lenz at 7811 NW Lynn’s Lane, parking on the street.  Bill has developed his Oriental theme flower beds from scratch which is now a bountiful collection of perennials and annuals in varied hues many of which he started during the winter under special lighting. This tour will be a walk through and a chance to see how Bill has transformed his backyard and side yards with trees, ground cover and bushes of several species.

Our last tour is just a half block walk to John & Jeanne Lueders at 10601 NW 79th Terrace to view Jeanne’s rose garden, perennial beds, container gardens and John’s vegetable raised beds that he designed. Parking on NW Roberts Rd and drive.

RAIN DATE is Wednesday, June 15.
Car pooling is recommended.


Tuesday, July 12, 2022
Resurrecting Indoor Plants


John Shackelford, Botanical Florist at

C-Point Social begins at 6:15 pm

Members are asked to bring whatever plant is looking sad and you need help to resurrect or pitch.

Gardening Trivia game and socializing is the nights’ fun!

Be sure to check out the plants at the WL Entrances our volunteers have provided. Each of them are unique and beautiful! Thank you volunteers!

Check back for updated Program Information!

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